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There is no such thing as an easy sale. However, selling to an existing customer—whether by refreshing an old product or introducing a new and different product—is often easier, faster, and returns higher margins. Centering your organization’s sales strategy on your installed base is a smart and proven way to achieve long-lasting, profitable growth.

Using Installed Base Selling to Maximize Revenue reveals a step-by-step, integrated approach you can begin using today. 

This book explains fundamental concepts such as the profitable growth paradox, the installed base profit wedge, operational methodologies for managing your installed base selling transformation, and much more. Innovative companies protect and nurture their most valuable asset—their customers and the data that defines them. They put installed base selling at the heart of their sales strategy. Now, it’s your turn!

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Authors Remi Gicquel and Paul-André Lambert show how you can apply this robust and reliable end-to-end solution by illustrating concepts though real-world case studies from Spotify, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nestlé, and more. Full of wisdom fit for the digital era, this book presents the results of the authors’ experience and research into current installed base selling processes, identifying, from an objective point of view, what works and what does not.





 “Brilliant book on an unconventional but critical topic! It will raise many CEOs and line of business leader’s attention…”

Gerald Karsenti, Managing Director, SAP France and affiliate professor at HEC 

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“Using Installed Base Selling to Maximize Revenue,  is eye-opening on how to plan your short to long term company growth. It succinctly explains how to get more profitable revenue out of your most important asset, the installed base.

So pragmatic and obvious… I asked my teams to implement the model closing the book….”

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Alban Richard, CEO MoonShot Labs & UShareSoft A Fujitsu Company

“Excellent book! It’s all too easy to forget that your installed base of customers that have already bought something from you are your most valuable asset.  Priority one – protect and expand your installed base.  Priority two – acquire new customers.”

Laurent Cabassu, Vice President and Managing Director at Pirelli

Laurent Cabassu, Vice President and Managing Director at Pirelli

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“Installed base selling should be common sense for any company… Remi and Paul-André prove it and unveil the hidden treasure of exploring the amazing opportunities of selling to existing customers. An excellent approach and a “hands-on” practical guide for installed base sales and strategy.”


Costas Economopoulos,

Founder and CEO, CubeRM

“… I commend you for capturing the importance of managing the IB for value.  I too have often found that too many times people pivot to new logos without managing the leaky floor of doing more and better with existing customers."

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Max Cuellar, Senior Vice President of Marketing,

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Remi Gicquel is the worldwide director for Go-To-Market at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). As a 25-year veteran of the IT industry, he knows that driving transformation starts from the inside out and is passionate about making sure that sales has a seat at the table to help lead change. In this role, Remi oversees the Go-To-Market strategy and global sales programs driving profitable growth and market share for HPE via best-in-class installed base and competitive attack sales programs. Remi provides leadership and direction to drive sales excellence and a high-performance sales culture.

As practitioner of values-based leadership, he believes business is a force for good and places personal energy into supporting others.

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Paul-André Lambert is the worldwide operations manager for the Hybrid IT installed base program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Paul-André is the architect of the end-to-end Installed Base infrastructure and leads the deployment of the installed base program across all geographies worldwide. In his role he oversees the IT developments and integrates the business priorities in the program. Prior to that role, Paul-André had various leadership positions in sales strategy and planning, business operations and channel management. Since he joined the Hewlett-Packard Company in 1990, while passionately driving international projects, he constantly invested and focus on people as, in his view, the personal approach is as important as the business one. Paul-André holds a university degree in economics from the KU Leuven

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